Thursday, August 12, 2010

[영상] 연예스테이션 -- Entertainment Station @ 0812


Hello all. This is Kim HyunJoong who will be acting as Baek Seung-jo in Playful Kiss.
Ne, for a friend like Baek Seung-jo, he is one with has an IQ exceeding 200; he's No.1 in sports, No.1 in culinery, No.1 in academics... Whatever it may be, he's a multi-talented friend. But he's easily annoyed to anything at all, a little selfish annoyable guy who doesn't care for anyone else other than himself. Yet still, at a corner in his heart, he has this soft and delicate side to him. Yeah, he's a character like that.

So then, how different from your real character?
Of course different, la
In reality also, a little problematic person right *smiles*

(reporter heard giggling)

In my previous drama I already wore uniform. To think that I'll be wearing uniform again in just mere 2 years, so it seems like those refreshed memories (of Bof) are flashing past by again, in the previous drama it was like that (wearing uniform), and now in this too. Be it in acting, or details, I will show and do better than the previous drama.

though they [Bof, PK] are both manhwa adapted dramas, the characters are obviously different
I think you'd be able to feel the difference at once
because in order to portray the annoyable yet charismatic role, I've been doing alot of script reading and research.
In an environment like this, I'll work hard along with our wonderful seniors and actors
So please show much love to Playful Kiss

*I say...tae sung gun is too funny*