Sunday, August 01, 2010

[fanacc] 0801 Party *2*

I've returned from Hyungjun's birthday party.

Huk~ T
It was very challenging..
It was a very small venue..Though I managed to see really upclose..
This year's summer..with the most sweat!!
When JM was making sandwiches.. "Organizers.. please switch on the aircon for a bit~", he even said it like that to the extend TT TT

It actually had to begin at 5, I arrived one hour earlier...
Waited Waited Waited.. Until 6.40pm, we weren't admitted, yet...
I was in a 90% state of giving up...

However Kim Kisoo-ssi came all of a sudden.. He was like shouting and acting in a manner that some guests are approaching..
And then they came...
Though tired.. shouted really~ loudly~~ YoungSaeng ah~~~~~!!

YS was really pretty ..
He seemed to be in high spirits...And laughed alot...
Though I dont know if he's now alright from the Lasik surgery..
He didn't take off his sunglasses or some what safety glasses at all.

When asked how he was doing.. He said he was on diet.. He said because it's his holiday now, he was about to go for a holiday/vacation.. Somewhere far away..
And that...
They will be singing a song that five of them will have to sing together...
They will be singing the song that was sung during their unit group period..
And that was BIS (because I'm stupid)..
We were at ZONE A, and YS was most of the time supposed to stand at ZONE B isn't it..
Argh YS ah~~don't go there~~ we kept shouting like that..
YS saw that HyungJun was standing there.. so he didn't leave for there (B)...
Because 3 of them were singing it, they were standing quite apart and singing there..
YS forgot his lyrics at his part, he seemed flustered, but he laughed for a little,
and then he pushed the mike to us audiences and laughed TT.TT (pretending,!!...KKKKKK)
And then when the song ended, Kim Kisoo-ssi announced the special gift we will be presenting..
We switched on handphones and sung to HANA..
We were waving along with the mike.. Though my waving direction wasn't right... kkkk
Waved both the hands ^^
And at the finale, we sung Happy Birthday to HyungJun.. He gave hugs to the audiences..
YS kept smiling and showing his dimples..
Kept shouting "YS ah~~ Thank you for having been in good shape~~" though, but we dont know if he heard or not ^^;;

Ah~ He's been fine even while on diet.. Thank you for that.
Indeed, YoungSaeng who's consistently on diet even on non-working/performing period!!!

They sung what they were supposed to sing, and because their talk time was so short, obviously felt so sad.. despite that, hearing they have been fine, I'm so thankful for that TT TT

Because he did Lasik.. seems like it will do even without makeup.. Hairstyle was looking good too..
He looked like he cut his hair for abit ^^;; But I'm not certain about that ;;;

When exiting.. We were given the gifts HyungJun prepared.. Ricecake and Mai-Jyu (sweet, like HiChew) and Candy were given ^^

Anyway, despite so challenging and tiring, and warm..because I saw YS, I felt very happy.

Indeed...they didn't mention anything about each's future activities.. eum.....

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