Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[기사] HyungJun possibly into S+Ent (+more info)

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will most likely be joining hands with Hanryu star Kang Ji-hwan.

Amidst the finalized decision executions of several SS501 members whose contract with previous agency company has had ended, member Kim Hyung Jun is known to be on a positive decision making with S-Plus Entertainment agency for a full-time contract.

With regards to this, S-Plus Entertainment personnel revealed on the 18th afternoon in a phone interview, "It's true that we're in contact with Kim Hyung Jun about his full-time contract. Though it's not the finalized stage now with any concrete details as yet, we're in midst of a positive discussion right now".

In S-Plus Entertainment also includes actor Kang Ji-hwan and singer Jo Sung-mo.

On the other hand, after Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min, and now to Kim Hyung Jun, SS501 members who are carrying out various talks at different places are facing the situation of possible disbandment with each one dispersed here and there.



On the 18th in an interview with Moneytoday Star news, "We're now in discussion about his Japanese activities only. But as to full-time contract with us and all that, we're still in the prematuring stage (planning etc). Up until now, there is no signing on of any contracts, yet".

-in 4th paragraph ommitted about Kim HyunJoong and Park Jungmin's signing on to other agencies-

In a recent interview with Money today star news, Kim Hyung Jun expressed, "In a while more, I will have some good news. Though each of us will be signing on to each different agencies, we will still be carrying out activities as SS501".

As to other members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng, their stands are still unknown.



S-Plus entertainment also revealed, "Though we have not closed the contract with a seal, we have finished our discussions for his activities in Japan. But then for activities in Korea, we have not come to any concluded talk". Kang Ji-hwan who's been receiving attention in Japan recently is under S-Plus Entertainment. This entertainment agency is in charge of Hanryu content business, and that is one of the reasons why SS501's member Kim Hyung Jun who enjoys high fame in Asia chose to stay in contact with them.


**S-Plus Entertainment is an agency undertaking Hanryu star management & Hanryu content business service. It is also in charge of actors Song Seung-heon and Lee Jun-ki's Japan activities. **

**HyungJun is rumored to be preparing as an actor too**