Friday, August 06, 2010

Mini Scrapbook project

As you should know by now, definitely you would be informed and updated about Hyungjun's upcoming close near fanmeeting in Malaysia.
And with this rare chance given, it isn't easy to let go of such opportunities easily.
Therefore, with Triplechangjo, TripleKissLove, Triple S Thailand, ss501facts of twitter are doing a mini project. What will that be? A scrapbook for HyungJun, ne.

Would you like to take part, especially if you're going to the fanmeeting, ne?

1. the project is to collect photos of triple s, or any creative photos that includes message to HJB or SS501 generally. for example, you can take pix of yourselves with a poster of ss501 while holding a huge note saying "ss501 saranghae!!!" or your drawing of them, or pix of stars...or a can of green peas...or maybe if u have a turtle, take pix of it, and include a message to HJB . it's all up to your creativity.

2. As for the theme, there is no theme color, you can make it colourful, or black and white or edit the color to green, it's all up to you. no limitation. however, it is better if you can help to edit it yourself, to make it look more interesting. and then send it in to us in a bulk. The main theme is simple, 24/7 Triple S with SS501. so, take pic of anything that reminds you of them, and add message. It is advisable to put in your country, adn maybe your titter id/email/blog/site in it too. Who knows what Baby will do, right?

3. as per dimension, we wont limit it, as we understand, some of us might have trouble to find a camera beside handphone camera. but the better quality your photo is, the better it will look when its printed out.

4. the last day to submit everything is on the 15th August, 2010:)

Do make use of this golden opportunity to show you care alot for the presence of him. Very much.