Saturday, August 14, 2010

SPAIN -- DVD - JP ver {intl}

the lovely Spain photobook has been spreading around its scans everywhere. everyone is asking where it could be purchased for those who cant purchase directly. here's how it goes on intl sites again. previously was only avail on jp site
No worries, it will be on sale in Korea, as well.

Can buy here

Price: USD 105.21
Release date: 3 September, 2010

**DISC 1** -- SPAIN STORY no.1
-Part 1 - Overshoot
-Part 2 - Stop off
-Part 3 - Start off

**DISC 2** -- SPAIN STORY no.2
-Part 4 - Walk up
-Part 5 - Jump up
-Part 6 - Running

other contents like travelling tag/pillow too