Friday, August 13, 2010

[영상] UKISS Interview @ Ystar live power music {c}

this is interview that Ukiss did few days back when asked who their role model is. They call them, Hanryu star SS501.^-^V
Kevin @ 2.33 : "When talking about role model, the first and foremost that comes onto mind is hanryu star SS501 sunbaenim"
Kibum @ 2:37 : "That one saying should be me"
Kevin @ 2:38 : "ok do it"
Kibum @ 2:42 : "(role model) is...doubleS 501 sunbaenim~~" *act cute*
-outbursts of laughter-
Kevin @ 2:44 : "Really respect them alot. We'll def work hard to be like them" (tongue tied)

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