Sunday, August 01, 2010

[찍.캠] 0801 Bday

fr: prettyboy


Would you believe this person holding mike = JM?

This face was poised to JungMin, his lover!!!!!!!!!!
They even BOBO-ed!! What d'ya think? ^______*

@0:22 onwards:::
And I really wanted to say thank you very much to everyone. Also SS501 the five of us, we always give support for one another, love one another, looking after one another. We gotta become the best ya. We're always together, let us, we -all of us- run to the end together hardworkingly. Thank you, Triple S.

*in order*
Mars Men, Venus Women (Solo)
Love duet with Park Sangmin
4Men stage
Cake cutting
UKISS stage
Sandwich making with JungMin (that explains apron)
I AM (Solo)
Reading aloud of letter prepared
Unit group appears -Hyungjun, Youngsaeng, Kyujong-
Because I'm Stupid --unit group--