Sunday, August 01, 2010

[fanacc] 0801 Party

By: (original chi) 慧希 // from: baidu hyungjun

It began around 5pm korean time
At the beginning, there was one guy from 4men, and another one called Park Sangmin? uncle.
Park Sangmin and Hyungjun sung a song together, and then 4men he also sung a song.
And then blowing of candles ne, the way Hyungjun looked at the cake was so cute, the fans at the bottom even shouted "123 Hyungjun fighting". (kk)
And then Jungmin's VCR appeared, he was saying he couldn't come, bla bla bla
Everyone was successfully tricked by him, so when Hyungjun just happened to be talking about him,
this Park Jungmin simply popped up from back stage right that moment, which came as a total surprise
Both of them then hugged each other, and in the end, BOBOed each other (^OOO^)

Both of them collaborated and made a very scary looking sandwich, full of chilli and sashimi, plus coloured chilli, and then added in some more turkey meat, but because Hyungjun was like saying that will make you fatter, he then tore off some small bit, and that was the same for cheese too. He even bit a little on the sandwich, after which Jungmin and the MC ate too, 2 lucky fans had the "fortune" too.

There was also an activity titled "pick the lucky fan". All fans had each's cellphone number on each's ticket, after which Hyungjun picked a fan and called her. A total of 3 missions were given. First to get the fan to say his opening title for Music High, second was to ask him to say 'let's love', while the third -- was to get another fan onstage to take photos together. However in the end, the fan (or him?) said "lets get married". (kkkk)

UKISS came and sung two songs, and then said some thing, then left.
After which Hyungjun read his self-penned letter, something thanking TripleS who always showered them love, hopefully we will walk down together always, supporting one another.
When he read, his eyes were teary and red, kept stifling, tears kept rolling in his eyeframe, little expressions were oh-so-cute (><)

Kyu-Saeng was the last to come onto stage. HyungJun and Kyu-Saeng sung Because I'm Stupid, all of them forgot a little lyrics, but didn't mention anything about future moves, all seemed rather happy. There were aircon as well, so it was okay since they wore so much. (yeah because hot weather)