Saturday, August 07, 2010

0806 MBC section TV -- slight content

Hmm maybe there might be some misinterpretation in between,
but will attempt to explain better since some are asking, ne?

About the word Hyunjoong used when he was asked about his character, he had used "싸가지".
It isn't an official word, more like a 'trending' (??) word
Well, for the word itself, it means one who isn't well bred/spoiled (personality).
Such as "I dont care, my hands are so painful, do the laundry for me, la..."
"It's so hot...I don't wanna go to school. Ask the chauffeur to come tomorrow. On time!!".
Since personality is 'involved' here, I guess you could put it in a manner that one is rude.
However being a spoiled kid isn't exactly related to being audacious, likewise, Seung-jo/Naoki isn't also audacious
He's just...cold and indifferent. A tad bit disrespectful. Likewise (imo) tad-bit spoilt.
So for the fact that he said, "싸가지 없는 9월 만들겠다" , it will mean 「with his character, he will turn September into a 'hopeless' month」 , because his role is a somewhat spoilt kid.

Just to clear the air, is that clearer err...?


"My character is an easily annoyed person. In one word, he's a hopeless fella. September will soon become a hopeless month".
(hopeless = a person; spoiled brat)

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong created buzz with his explosive remarks made without hesitation. He was on MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Station' recently that airs on August 6 and shooting for his new drama 'Playful Kiss' was revealed too, when he was asked to introduce a little, "In one word, I'm hopeless. (I will turn) September will soon turn into a hopeless month", which aroused much laughter from the surrounding people (Jung Somin, Lee Taesung).

In the upcoming MBC drama 'Playful Kiss', Kim Hyun Joong plays the male protagonist who has an easily annoyed personality Baek Seung-jo. This character can learn up to 100 times faster about anything at all than any other person; he is a genius flower boy. And in the drama, HyunJoong will be romancing bitter-sweet love story alongside rookie actress Jung Somin.



Lee Taesung who appears in the drama as one who likes Jung Somin single-heartedly, "(Somin's eyes) always look like it's puffy and swollen, but it looks pretty/nice", showing praise for her.

Upcoming MBC new drama that is to be aired on September 1, "Playful Kiss" male lead Kim Hyun Joong revealed his 'secret trick' to digesting his high-school student role.

On MBC entertainment programme 'Section TV, Entertainment Station' broadcasted on August 6, Kim HyunJoong stated, "For the sake of this high-school student role, I had been taking care of my moustache diligently (shaving)", which attracted attention. He adds on, "In a day, I do that (shaving of moustache) almost 3 times and more" so as to give the role more solidness, as he laughingly put it across. On the other hand, Kim HyunJoong talks about his role this time, "Always never lucky, yet a charismatic hopeless brat. September will become a hopeless month (He will let it)". He replenishes, "In my three works -- "Can Love be refilled", "Boys over Flowers" and "Playful Kiss", all my first scenes are kissing ones. Now, I'm just taking it naturally in my stride".


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