Friday, August 13, 2010

[영상] 0813 One Fine Day

this is the programme that Kim Kisoo gun hoped people to tune in to, aired today

thanks to youtube_izomzaa

Kim Kisoo goes to the sbs radio station to specially look for Hyungjun
and Hyungjun is in his bare face, so hyungjun feels a little shy^^
you see Hyungjun covering his legs and touching his hair
Legs because he's wearing slipper. Very white legs I see there.^-^
He's quite uncomfortable without makeup, as observed

What kind of hyung is Kim Kisoo to Hyungjun?
When times are tough or when it's urgent, he'll just come to give me help with no hesitation, all the time
Even when I don't know how to go about doing anything, he'll look after me well still

Kisoo: Oh no broadcast will begin soon
Hyungjun: Yeah yeah I'll say just one last thing

Hyungjun: Please give much love to Kim Kisoo ssi. Me too, I'll be supporting/working hard for Kisoo-hyung, so everybody too, for the sake of success in every thing Kisoo-hyung does, hopefully we will pray for one another and maintain a good relation that way. It'll be wonderful, please look after him ya~