Wednesday, August 04, 2010

응모이벤트 -- 키스해주셍~ KISS Event

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MBC drama 'Playful kiss' that will be broadcasted this upcoming September will be carrying out an unconventional event. From now until August 10, 6pm, 'Playful kiss' will be collating kissing or bobo-ing photographs of audiences. Chosen/selected ones will be scheduled to be broadcasted in the drama's teaser/preview film.

Personnel of 'Playful kiss' revealed that anyone at all who has interest to this drama could participate, regardless of any age/gender/race or whatsnot. It may not be kisses with one's lover only, it could also be kisses between a married couple or bobos with one's mother or child will be possible too.

You may participate by uploading your high-quality photographs on the drama's noticeboard, with file size more than 1 MB and less than 2 MB. But hopefully, those photographs uploaded should comply with the rules and concept featured, for failed to comply ones, please delete them on yourself. One will also be responsible for any stealing of copyright of others' (including celebs) photographs without going through permission. Chosen photographs will not be announced publicly, please confirm it yourself through the preview/teaser film.

-information about Playful kiss spunned,etc omitted-

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