Wednesday, August 04, 2010

SS501 Affection strong as ever


just thought of some notice. only main idea is the last paragraph.
But, it would 've been weird to cover only the last...

SS501, whose activities are now currently held in suspension carried out an event in Japan last April, will be releasing a DVD of that event in Japan. SS501's event was at Japan's Saitama Arena last April. Preorder began last 30th July, and it was known that sales already came close to 10K. Following after DVD releases, compilation albums consisting of hits and non-released songs will be released as scheduled, too. To this, it seems similar to DBSG's strategy back then. At that time, two members left DBSG, yet without any activities, DBSG released DVD and albums in Japan, which still gained popularity. After few discographies released in Japan, it became a fact that they were disbanding. Similarly for SS501, despite leader Kim Hyunjoong moving into new agency and in shrouded situation, the group is still releasing DVD and discographies in Japan. It attracts attention to whether or not this will be their final 'group activity'.

To this, former agency DSP media who supports for the 4 members' --excluding KimHyunjoong-- activities, expressed that SS501 has a very strong linger/affection for SS501. No matter what, they are looking for opportunities to resume activities as SS501 again. Member Kim Hyungjun has also recently revealed his will to continue guarding by SS501 through his self-penned letter to fans (08-01 bday party).