Monday, August 09, 2010

Effective chicken model

Movie ticketing site Max Movie recently carried out a survey titled 'Which model's effect would best work on you to purchase chicken after seeing his/her CF?". Results collated showed that Yoo Jaesuk with Nene Chicken attained 46%, 2027 supporters (out of total 4410 targeted netizens), thus rising to the Number 1 position. Reasons netizens gave were like "He has this charm that attracts people", "Don't know why but Yoo Jaesuk has this credibility in him if he does a CF".

Coming in 2nd was SNSD with Goobne Chicken at 20.3% supporters. In 3rd was BBQ Chicken's Shin Se Kyung with 7.8% of supporters. And in 4th was Super Junior with Gyochon Chicken at 7.7% of supporters. In 5th was 2AM with BHC Chicken at 4.1% supporters.

Right behind this top 5 also came Hotsun Chicken's Kim Hyun Joong at 3.9%, Gu-eo Good Chicken's KARA at 2.3%, BBQ Chicken's BEAST at 2.0%, NeNe Chicken's T-ARA at 1.7%, Mexicana Chicken's SHINee at 1.3%, all of them were in the Top 10 list. Up behind in 11th~13th was Masday Chicken's Younha with 1.0%, Duria Chicken's Hwang Jung Eum with 1.0%, and lastly 9ers Chicken's Secret with 1.0%.