Thursday, August 12, 2010

HJ Keyeast teaser homepage

Previously it was already known that Keyeast will open personal homepage for each of its artists

here is Hyunjoong's teaser homepage first.

Annyonghaseyo, this is Keyeast.

During this while, we have received alot of encouragement and support from everyone while Keyeast becomes a family with Kim HyunJoong-ssi.
We express our deepest gratitude, and our delighted heart in becoming one family with HyunJoong-ssi.

Right now, Keyeast is in midst of constructing HyunJoong-ssi's personal homepage. For the sake of creating this homepage where HyunJoong-ssi and fans could bond better and get closer, we are trying our best with it, HyunJoong-ssi whose daily life is so busy because of drama shooting, because we know many people are curious about his whereabouts and updates, we are opening this teaser homepage first in advance of the opening of official homepage.

Through this teaser homepage, we will try our best to deliver the accurate news as quickly as possible. We promise to open the official homepage in coming days, so please anticipate much for it.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the fans out there who shows their love and support for HyunJoong-ssi who moves forth towards his dream with no hesitation, and we ask for your undying love in the future too.

Everyone, please be healthy always, and be filled with only pleasant matters every day.

Thank you.



Keyeast's self english version

Hi it's KEYEAST.

A lot of fans cheered it KHJ and KEYEAST since a family was. we really thanks.
Also KHJ and a family are, and KEYEAST is very glad.

The current KEYEAST is producing an official homepage of KHJ.
we are trying to make a official homepage which can understand between KHJ and fans.

Before homepage Open official for fans wondering news of KHJ sending time busy by drama filming.
we open it through Teaser homepages first.

we will update about KHJ news on teaser homepage as speedy and correctly.
and official homepage will be open following teaser homepage as soon as possible.
please lots of expectation for official homepage.

we'd like to thank all those who have believed in and supported KHJ.
Your support will put him on his mettle.

we're very happy that KHJ has a great supporter like you.
many thanks and best wishes.

thank you