Thursday, August 12, 2010

KISSEU *muak*

When still cuts are released, videos are released, everyone goes crazy, going gaga everywhere
This is a pre-stage before storm brews. When 0901 approaches, and thereon after, the whole cycle returns. Media/tv/magazine/internet/twitter/yozm/forum/blog/events/screencap/fanart/fanfic/bts/oversea promotion/fancam/jikjjiks/fanaccts whatever will be available again. Like those days that summer that spring...that that that and that...
So before you would want to yell your head off when 0901 approaches and counting onwards,
how about doing some experiment to test reactions?
idea brainstormer: @stalking_hj miss min the fantastic idea maker ^-^
twitpic creation: @violettacal miss cal the amazing pict creator ^-^
inceptioning: every-one ^-^

Everything is pretty much self explanatory, so! we'll go on seeing from here

Ajaja! See you on 0901!

멋진 드라마를 기대할게요~~~~~~