Thursday, October 07, 2010

[HJ][article] Jangki #11 ratings

Kim Hyun Joong has planned to catch the finale episode of his MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Playful Kiss' along with all fans.

On the 7th, according to his agency, Kim Hyun Joong will be catching the finale episode of 'Playful Kiss' on 21st Oct along with about 2000 fans at the Children's Park, Dome Art Hall in Seoul, Nungdong. He stars across as the protagonist 'corky boy' Baek Seung Jo in this drama.

In order to repay the enthusiastic love and concern towards fans, Kim Hyun Joong's been said to have personally suggested for this surprise event.

The event that begins from 9 PM onwards, Kim Hyun Joong will start to express his gratitude towards his drama 'Playful Kiss', and will be expected to show his specially prepared stage towards fans.

And then from 10 PM onwards, he will be catching the finale with all fans present as they will spin happy moments together.

Personnel of agency Keyeast expresses, "The amount of support that fans have shown with every time's broadcast has been more feverish than any other time", "To express our gratitude personally towards fans as we watch the finale together is a very meaningful thing to do as we weave precious time with Kim HyunJoong-ssi. Kim HyunJoong-ssi is also very excited to meet up with fans directly through this time's event".

On the other hand, in order to bring 'Playful Kiss' to a successful close, Kim Hyun Joong has been spending day and night shooting for this drama. 'Playful Kiss' has also recorded 5.6% of nationwide ratings for its 11th episode on 6th October.


MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Playful Kiss' has faced a decrease in its ratings.

On the 7th, according to ratings research center AGB Nilson Media Research, 'Playful Kiss' that aired its 11th episode on 6th October recorded nationwide ratings of 5.6%.

This day's episode is 1.9% lower than its previous episode at 7.5% of ratings. Its previous episode has had recorded its personal highest record, and though it looked as if it would continue to rise, it has unfortunately been sagged under the huge influence of dramas in the same timing slot like SBS 'President' and KBS 'Fugitive Plan B'.

On the 6th's episode of Playful Kiss, in order to induce Seung-jo (Kim Hyun Joong)'s jealousy, Hani (Jung Somin) attempted to be attracted towards Ki-tae (Choi Sung-jun) but failed as she reminisces her date memories with Seung-jo as she goes on a date with Ki-tae.

After catching this day's episode, netizens left various comments on the noticeboard such as, "Though it's been interesting, Seung-jo's really too arrogant and I feel disappointed in him", "The reason why I catch Jangki is because of Kim HyunJoong. It'd be better if it isn't this loose...", "So the loveline is now induced again?", displaying various reactions.

On the other hand, on this day also aired SBS special drama 'President' (starring Go Hyun-jung etc) and KBS 'Fugitive Plan B' (starring Rain, Lee Na-young, etc). Both the dramas recorded 18% of ratings as they achieve equal results and is further expected to challenge for a more fiery firework battle.


On the other hand, according to another media research center TNmS, 'President' achieved 17.4% of ratings, while 'Fugitive' achieved 15.9%, and 'Playful Kiss' achieved 5.4%.