Friday, October 08, 2010

[HJ][article] Where's the loveline between them both???

'Playful Kiss' that had been promoting much about the sweet and soft love-line between Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min still seems to be facing a negative growth despite already the 12th episode.

On the episode broadcasted on 7th October, in the 12th episode of Playful Kiss, Baek Seungjo who has declared independency and Oh Hani who's shown her ambition could be seen in the episode, but yet still, the loveline between both of them could not be seen at all as this collates about the unhappiness of the audiences.

During the end of its 11th episode on 6th October, there as a scene portraying Seungjo stealing a secret kiss from Hani's lips, and with that, audiences were anticipating alot on the loveline between both of these two, but yet in its 12th episode broadcasted the following day, Seungjo as usual continued to show his arrogant side towards Hani.

This day's episode showed Hani revealing her honest feelings about her dream revolving around Seungjo, and as Seungjo listes to her, he continues to show an arrogant attitude and does not show his inner feelings.

Playful Kiss that consists of a total 16 episodes is now left with only 4 more episodes to go. In this situation, the loveline between Seungjo and Hani all these while has been taking a choice to surface itself a little here and there as though it will appear and will not appear, and did not add on to the story development phase. To this, audiences left various comments like, "I am now tired to continue to anticipate their loveline already. Why is it always going around in circles, I seriously don't have a clue", "Don't tell me their loveline will only surface itself when its only 1 more episode to go before its finale? Don't get it", showing various reactions etc.

In particular, after Seungjo's 2nd attack kiss towards Hani and after their bed scene, it still only continues to show little traces and hints of the start of their loveline. However, because of the demand for these enticing love scenes between Seungjo and Hani that hasn't been shown yet, majority of the audiences are beginning to show dissatisfaction.

With Playful Kiss continuing to maintain at 5%-plus of ratings, it should consider its biggest disadvantage and that is its story development that hasn't been able to strike a common sentiment as most people. "Of course under the influence of strong rival dramas shown during same timeslot like 'President' and 'Fugitive' is for sure, but they actually possess a hidden card like Kim Hyun Joong yet ratings turn out like that, it's kinda ridiculous and unbelievable", "Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin's acting is barely credible", "Jung Somin's character seems to be degrading into a public-nuisance already", comments like these could be seen, too.