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[JM][interview] "Not bad choice" (+Rough Sched)

Dated: October 1
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"Our choice right now is not a bad one"

SS501 Park Jungmin reveals his inner feelings to doing solo activities right now, and not as a group.

On the 30th at 2pm in Taiwan Taipei's FORMOSA HOTEL, Park Jungmin had held his official press conference with Sony Music where
he divulges his solo activities. Sony Music will be dealing with his asia activities.

As SS501 ends their contracts with former existing DSP Media, each of them had begun to search for new nests. Kim Hyun Johasong has moved into agency Keyeast consisting of Bae Yong Jun and is now shooting for MBC 'Playful Kiss', while Kim Hyung Jun has moved into Kang Ji-hwan's S-Plus Entertainment and has since began his aggressive hanryu activities.

With Kim Kyujong and Heo Youngsaeng slated to release official statement about their future plans in a short while, Park Jungmin has stepped ahead of other SS501 members to be the first and foremost to sign on officially in Japan and in the chinese speaking regions as he receives utmost attention from everyone.

In particular with that, whether or not SS501 members will be able to continue in future as a team has been inviting much sensitive signals from the antennas of fans. Though some of them feels that they will for sure disband in the end, the members themselves have had expressed that "whenever possible, we want to be together", which shows their unchanged stand as always.

On this day's media press conference, Park Jungmin reiterates, "We don't have any concrete plans for now about SS501's album, but I personally do want to release a SS501 album once in every 1 year and carry out activities together", "For the fact that I'm alone now and so talks about me leaving SS501 surface, but (team activities) sentiments are commonly shared between each and every one of us. Though I'm not sure what will happen because we're all in different agencies, but we'll work hard as I (we) want to release The SS501's Album".

"The last time, we ever had this thought of who shall take on my responsibility for this and for that", as Park Jungmin reveals honestly about them relying on one another all the time, "(However) All our members feel that now is the time to do that (to stand independently). As a group is good but to take on individual selections, this is the best time now".

He adds on, "Even if so, we did ever thought of going on as five together, but it seems like the choice we've made now is not a bad one, too".

On the other hand, with Park Jungmin's signing on with Sony Music, he is now the first K-Pop identity holder to collaborate with Sony Music. Park Jungmin enjoys high popularity in the chinese speaking regions due to SS501, and Sony Music shows high ravings for Park Jungmin's potential as they will be expected to support him in future activities in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore etc.

Park Jungmin will begin with his fanmeeting at end of this year and will continue till the whole of 2011 half with the status as a singer and actor. In addition, he has also been officially decided to be the male protagonist for a Taiwanese idol drama that is slated to be shown next year.

Prior to this, Park Jungmin's already had signed on with Yamaha Group's Yamaha Music Entertainment for solo activities in Japan last 17th September. Park Jungmin will begin with his Japan fanmeeting in December and then release his solo singer album in Japan next year.

Park Jungmin will be releasing his Korean mini-album in end-November and officially begin as 'Park Jung Min' (of SS501) and not SS501.


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In relation to this, Choi Jin-dong, CEO of Sony Music Asia expresses, "Hanryu is the leading trend right now that cannot be stopped. To this, I've actually been eyeing alot on Korean celebrities, and with Park Jungmin taking on the lead in collaboration with us, we see the extremely high potential and flexibility in him", "He's really extremely charismatic, affectionate and hard working".

In addition, Choi CEO adds on, "With Sony Music who aims to attain Number 1 in the markets of movies, TV dramas, concerts, gaming etc, Park Jungmin shares that similar image to us in his ability to achieve the best in every thing". He shows his aspiration as "they want to turn him into a bigger star than now though he is already very famous".

Park Jungmin who's been achieving accomplished results as a singer will be attending to parallel activities alongside as an actor, too. Comic Ritz, the production company that's undertaken production for dramas 'Boys over Flowers and 'Playful Kiss', is now in midst of selection for tentative casting for a new work. Comic Ritz is preparing to produce a 'specially tailored' drama for Park Jungmin, and slated to release next year.

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Park Jungmin who's currently taking on training in preparation feels like he's returned to his trainee days, "No matter what, when the five of us were together, we didn't manage to experience certain things, now that I'm alone, will I be able to overcome it. Though I'm indeed nervous and kinda burdened since I'm alone, I'll work hard", "I will go beyond the image of Park Jungmin that you know of and is seeing now, just to show you the new side of Park Jungmin".



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Angie Chai expresses, "Park Jungmin is currently preparing for his album recording work, and we're still in the planning stage for his official drama production. We'll be holding discussions with Park Jungmin until end of this year and is thinking of finding a specially tailored role for him. Naughty, humorous and also much well-loved kind of character that just fits his characteristics. For now, both the male and female lead fancies each other, and the male lead often bullies the female lead, yeah we're thinking of that kind of style for him".

Park Jungmin's agency CNR Media Na Kwang-hoon representative expresses, "We're in midst of preparing for a Korean drama for him slated to be released next half of the year. We've signed on with 5 writers, and is considering between the remake of Angie Chai's work from 4 years ago -- Corner of Love (originally starring Show Luo, Barbie Hsu), and MBC drama 'Phoenix' 's Lee Yoo-jin writer's new work".

Park Jungmin states, "I'm currently concentrating on Mandarin studying, acting classes, vocal classes, as well as Japanese language studying. Though I still have many insufficiency, I'll work hard. Since Taiwan's conservative restriction is less wide, if there's a need I will rip it all off for bed scenes or exposure scenes. Because I'm alone now it feels kinda burdened, but I'll work hard just like the Park Jungmin who has always been fun and cheerful".

He is preparing for his Korean mini-album to be released in November, as well as a Korea fanmeeting.

After that, he will release a Mandarin album, and expects to hold fanmeeting tours in chinese-speaking countries beginning December onwards.

In addition, he is been casted as the male protagonist for an upcoming (Taiwan) drama slated for release in the upper half of 2011.