Friday, October 08, 2010

[HgJ][article] 'Secret Package' -- Photobook + DVD

After being selected as the male protagonist for romantic comedy musical [Cafein] as he steps forth as a musical actor, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will be giving another treat to his Korean fans.

Am I handsome with my wine?

This time's goody treat is from Kim Hyung Jun's recent promotion trip to Singapore that includes the real footage of his feverish stage as well as never before revealed videos, and of course a mini photobooklet that makes up the 'Secret Package' as it will go on sale in limited edition. The moment this news was released, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun's fans from international and domestic have begun to be on the loose and create buzzes for this DVD.

After preordering for tickets of Kim Hyung Jun's first stage schedule in the upcoming November 24 for his romantic comedy musical [Cafein], he will be presenting again this new treat to the first 1,000 members of his official Korean homepage in first come first serve basis.

Kim Hyung Jun's agency S-Plus Entertainment has said, "In order to prepare for this special gift to the korean fans who joins as a member of Kim Hyung Jun's official korean homepage that opened last 4th, we've been preparing alot, for this 'Secret Package' DVD that is first opened for sale towards international fans will also be shared with the korean fans in such a manner now as well. This idea actually came from himself".

"Since this is the first series of a special event on his official homepage, he wants to give his fans a meaningful and special gift. It will be presented to 1,000 members of his homepage specially".

Up until now, Kim Hyung Jun's official korean homepage that opened last 4th (September) and till 7th (October), there have already been 4 times of reformation of the server, with the immense amount of traffic coming in on its first day of opening as the server went down.

As though this is an acknowledgement of his popularity, musical [Cafein]'s homepage has had been receiving enormous demand from fans as it begins its ticket purchasing today (8th Oct) night onwards - which is 2 weeks earlier than usual cases. It seems like the amount of bursting traffic influx still repeats itself as it was.

The personnel in charge of the homepage system mentions, the amount of traffic influx right now is so much more unexpected that what they had estimated, for about every 1 hour, if they do not take modulations for the website for even just a while, it could possibly go down in server.

[Cafein] that depicts the sweet and sour romantic comedy story between a guy and a girl stars Kim Hyung Jun who will transform into a charismatic sommelier. He's expressed through his agency that he "will give it all his best in order to repay his fans' anticipation". He is also currently going for singing practices at the rehearsal room near a university, and also goes for drama practices as he puts full concentration in the preparations for his musical [Cafein] to be shown in 2010 Christmas at the end of the year.

This special gift event that will be presented to the korean fans of Kim Hyung Jun who have had preordered for his musical [Cafein] could be further known with more details through Kim Hyung Jun's Korean Homepage and [Cafein] 's homepage, and more notice regarding this event's participation will also be carried out on

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