Friday, October 08, 2010

MVIO and Sp Event

Source: MVIO
Chinese translation: 彼岸&宸昕 @

English translation:

Please repost with full credit

Please select the best style of Kim Hyun Joong in ‘Naughty Kiss’!

Using 80 words to write about the best style and giving the reason, 3 entries selected will be given MVIO ‘Hoop’.

Activity Date: 5 – 18 October

Prize announce on: 19 October

In order to send gift to winner, please send message together with personal information (Name, age, gender, address, phone number).

Additional special activity!!

Other than scarf, there will be other addtional gifts.

Ticket for Seoul MVIO Fashion Showcase on 12.55pm, Friday, 22 October will also be given.

5 winners will be selected, each will be given 2 tickets.

In this Fashion Showcase, Kim Hyun Joong will personally be the model. It is a good opportunity~~!

Hope everybody actively participate!

Hyung-jun will also be participating in the Seoul Fashion Week on Friday (Oct 22) at 8pm.
As there is now a change in season