Friday, October 08, 2010

[HgJ][video] 10.08 Mnet Wide - Cafein

The Hyungjun in today's Mnet Wide introducing his Cafein shooting location + interview

a little dissyn


In actual fact I wanted to have at least one time of experience
But because it's about the protagonists, so there's only 2 of us, male and female lead

[Q] How are SS501 members doing?
[A] Hyunjoong's like he's gone crazy, totally cannot reach him at all, he seemed to have disappeared to somewhere~~~~~~ *laughs so loud*

[Q] If you have something to say to your brother?
[A] It'll be good if he'll continue to work hard. Like me *laughs* If he'll be kinder to me it'll be lovely. He's always finding fault with me when he returns home, always bullying me. He only calls me 'you'..... It'll be better if he doesn't use banmal (casual language; he should use hyung)

[Q] Did Kang Jihwan as the producer give any help?
[A] We're relating well with each other, and talked alot about this about that, and we call each other often too, and meet out to eat as well, and also come out to drink sometimes

Wine.. To be honest I don't like wine aye~~~~

[Q] Are you preparing well for the musical?
[A] Not long ago I've already finished memorizing all the lyrics of the song~ Shall I sing it???

[Q] Seems like many people worry since you were borne an idol?
[A] Since I'm a singer it looked as though I won't work hard for it. They carry the bias that a singer can't do what an actor can and comes to see the musical. But anyway, even if it may not be my original profession, in order to do it well as though it's like my profession, do look forward to it. It'll be lovely if you guys would go to watch it comfortably and enjoy it and give me your ratings. I'll work hard.

Yeah Mnet Wide audiences, it's been some time since I've greeted you like this ne
Do come to the musical with a relaxed attitude and enjoy it. Please show much love to musical Cafein. This is Kim Hyung Jun here. Thank you~~~~~~~~ BYE~~~~~~~