Monday, September 26, 2011

현중 :: 2nd album plan and estimation ( Miclub )

MICLUB's support for 2nd album in October.

Although it is early, this is the 1st series of estimation stage.
It is pivotal to have proper estimation, too.

Should any fans wish to start planning ahead since it is already end of September,
please make some cooperation.

1. Album bulk buying

   Album will be released in Oct. but release date and price is not known yet.

   Please let us know your purchasing quantity even roughly so that we can forecast.

2. Digital download and streaming

   (For example, if you send donation, we can use it for download and streaming.)

3. Direct support to HyunJoong such as food service

   For your understanding, please refer to below links;

If you want to join our support, please contact us (

We will include your fan club name(or your name) in support list if you join.

Please give our e-mail address to other fans or fan clubs who want to join our support.

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