Friday, September 30, 2011

규종 :: 『 SPORTS HANGOOK 』 Interview ( Sept 30, Fri )

골든 워즈(Golden Words)만 가져왔어요. 내용은 아마도 똑같아서. Only the Golden Words, because the rest of content is about repeated before.

Kim Kyu Jong, Concludes SS501 Solo Acts
Date of interview: 21st Sept (Wed)
Date interview published: 30th Sept (Fri)

"결국 마지막이 됐네요. 멤버마다 솔로 활동을 시작해 한 바퀴를 다 돌았다는 마침표를 찍게 돼 기분이 묘해요. 그룹 활동이 얼마나 소중했나 하는 새삼 느끼는 계기가 됐어요."

"In the end I had become the final relayer. As each of the members started their solo activities and up till now that it has managed to finish turning one round and ending off with a full stop, the feeling is marvellous. This period of time has become a turning point where it came to dawn on me just how precious group activities are."

"형준이와 현중이 형은 제 노래 꼼꼼하게 모니터를 해줬어요. 한 소속사인 영생이 형은 앨범 수록곡 <마이 러브>의 랩 피처링도 해줬죠. 정민이는 대만에 있어 못 들려 줬지만 응원해 줄 거라 믿어요. 다들 혼자 하는 게 어렵다고 겁을 줬지만 걱정해 주는 그 마음을 제가 왜 모르겠어요."

"Hyungjun and Hyunjoong-hyung have monitored over my songs stringently. While Youngsaeng-hyung who's in the same agency as I am, helped in the rap featuring in one of my song [My Love]. As for Jungmin, I couldn't let him hear my song because he's in Taiwan, but I believe he'll show his support (silently/by actions). All of them may say it's difficult to work and do this alone, but how would I not know that is worries and concern they have for me.."...

"모든 멤버들이 대기실 응원을 와줬으면 좋겠다"는 김규종.

"I hope all our members come to give support and congregate together in the waiting room"
...that is Kim Kyu Jong's wish.

그는 멤버들이 홀로서기를 마친 터라 내년에는 다시 의기투합해 활동을 펼치고 싶다는 바람을 숨기지 않았다. 무엇보다 솔로 활동을 벌일 때에도 변함없이 응원해 주는 팬들을 위한 마음이 가장 크다.

"팬들은 가장 빛나는 시절 소중한 추억을 함께 나눈 친구들이에요. 뒤돌아 봤을 때 우리가 자랑스러운 기억으로 남았으면 좋겠어요. 그러기 위해서는 늦어도 내년에는 함께 좋은 모습을 보여주고 싶어요. 다른 멤버들도 모두 같은 생각이에요."

He said, after all the members finish each of their planned solo activities, he sincerely hopes to re-unite forces and start group activities next year. And most importantly, it's for fans who have never changed throughout despite each doing each's activities now. "Fans are the friends you have who spins all the precious memories with you during the most shining period of time. When we look back and reminisce, I hope to weave really proud memories together as that way. So for that to happen, we would do that (re-unite) latest next year. And, all our members think the same way, too.".

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