Tuesday, September 20, 2011

서현양 더페이샵 새 주요모델이 됐습니다 ^^ ( New face for The Face Shop )

Seohyun of SNSD has been chosen to be the new representative model for The Face Shop, and will be working alongside with TFS' current models Kim Hyun Joong, Won Bin, Park Min Young for the next 1 year (beginning September 19/20 2011 ~ September 2012).

In this case, there will be 2 male models, 2 female models.

She will be starring alongside Hyun Joong to work on an upcoming TV CF (of product Arsante Eco-Theraphy Tonic Weed Essential) that will begin airing in October.

She was chosen for her refreshing and yet smart image, which fits very well with The Face Shop's vision. Which means, Hyun Joong is also refreshing yet smart looking. ^-^

인용한 소스: 일간스포츠
Source quoted: IS PLUS, KOREA

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