Friday, September 30, 2011

현중 :: 11th 번째 이야기 『 ....... 』 ( Sept 30, Fri )

요즘 너무 바쁘다는핑계로 글도안쓰고 해서........아이디를까먹고 비번도 까먹어서

글을못썻어요 ...........어차피 핑계겠지만 그리하여

근황사진세장을 선물로 드릴까 합니다

아트와매틱이가 밥을달라고 앉아있네요

녹음하다가 지쳐서 서서 잠드는걸매니져분이 찍었네요 ㅋ

마지막으로 짜잔 2집 마스터 첫씨디가 드디어 내손아귀에 들어왔네요

유출되면 안되니까..............^^빨리 금고에 넣어둬야지 ㅎㅎ

참고로 금고에는 내한정판씨디와 첫번째 마스터앨범 밖에 없으니 사심있는분들 집밖에 서성이지마십시오

드디어2집앨범마무리가되었네요 ^^10월20일에 최고의무대를만들어보겠어요

기대 만빵말고 십만빵해주세요 다들 컴피3잔의여유가있다면 알죠???????????

라면한봉지의여유가있다면 알죠????????????

내일은 뮤비를찍어요 멋진뮤비도 많이기대해주시길바랍니다 ^^감사하고 낼새벽부터 찍기땜에

영화를 한편보면서 스르륵 잠을청하도록 하겠습니다

그럼 감기조심하시고 모두들20일까지는 충전가득해주세요 활동이3주라서 ...^^;;;

짧고 굵게 놀아야할테니까 ...........항상힘들때기댈수있는 무형의힘을주어서 고마워요^^

Been wanting to let know my excuse of being too busy all this while that's why no entries were left........but actually I forgot my ID and password
Which explained why I couldn't write any entry to explain at all.......... Anyway since it was meant as an excuse then let it be it
I thought of these 3 photos as a present, which are photos of my recency
Art and matic are sitting begging for dinner already
It (the 2nd picture) is me who was too tired from standing to record, and was shot by my manager k
As in the final photo, the CD is the first mastered copy (of 2nd album) and has finally came into my hands ne
Since it cannot be leaked out, .................^^ I gotta place it into the safe quickly ya hh
Just to let you know, in the safe, there's only two things, and they are my limited edition CD, and the mastered copy of my 1st album and nothing else, for those who has an ulterior agenda over what's in the safe, please refrain from stalking outside my house

Finally the 2nd album has completed...  ^^ I will spin a best stage on Oct 20 okay
You don't say a million excitement, but instead please say you have a zillion excitements over that(!)
That is if you would have time like over three cups of coffee, goddit?????????
That is also if you would have time like over one full package of Ra-myeon, goddit???????????
I will shoot my M/V tomorrow.. I hope you can anticipate alot over an awesome movie too ^^
Thank you and because it'll be a shoot at dawn, I'll tune in to a movie and try to produce some sleep comfortably under the effect of the movie..

If so then, please watch the cold and replenish yourself all the way until 20th, why, because I'll be doing activities for 3 weeks so ...^^;;;
Gotta play (fight) hard for really short time to those who always give spiritual and invisible strength when it's so tiring--- thank youuuuu^^

-끝 END-

참... ^^

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