Monday, September 26, 2011

규종 :: first album fansign on Oct 2 ( Sunday )

B2M에 따르면 10월2일에 팬싸인회가 있을거에요!

According to B2M, there will be a fansign on October 2.

How to join: Sept 28 (Wed) to Sept 30 (Fri), by buying his album at Yongdeungpo's Hottracks, you may get to be one of the lucky 150 fans to join the fansign session

When will you know: by Oct 1 (Sat), 3 PM; on Hottracks HomePage

Fansign When: Oct 2 (Sun), 7.30 PM
Fansign Where: Yongdeungpo's Time Square, Hottracks

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