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규종 :: Sept 27 - Interviews Extract ( in English )

오늘 게재된 인터뷰 기사를 통해서 골든 워즈(Golden Words)만 여기서 올려 번역해봤어요.
정말 착하는 김규종씨...ㅠ__ㅠ

3 Interviews were released today, which all happened to be done yesterday, Monday.
Here, I will only translate the "Golden Words" of what he said and what is essence.

The reason is to highlight his kind-heartedness alot... ㅠ__ㅠ

Still not as confident, but is slowly beginning more and more confident,
really kind and thoughtful hearted, thinking for others all the time
Maturing alot, knowing to only enjoy the process, not the outcome. This is what it should be like, not always caring for the end-product...

Quoted from: STAR NEWS
Interview page: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011092715101316330
Interview date: 26th Sept (Monday)

1) SS501 멤버들의 고마움도 잊지 않았다.

김규종은 "형준이는 녹음실에 놀러 왔을 때, 현중이형은 밖에서 만났을 때 제 노래를 들려줬다"라며 "같은 소속사인 영생이형은 이번 앨범 수록곡인 '마이 러브'의 랩 피처링까지 해줬다"라며 미소 지었다.

이어 "정민이는 대만에 있어 못 들려 줬지만 언제나 저를 응원해 주고 있다"라며 "다들 '혼자 활동 하는 게 생각보다 힘들지만 기죽지 말고 멋지게 활동하라'라고 힘을 불어 넣어줬다"라며 웃었다.

1) He did not forget about his gratitude for his SS501 members too.

Kim Kyu Jong said, "When Hyung Jun came to my recording room for a visit, I had let him listen to my song. Also, when I met up with Hyun Joong-hyung outside somewhere, I had let him listen to my song too", "Even Young Saeng-hyung who's in the same agency as I am made a rap featuring in one of my song 'MY LOVE'", as he spread a wide smile across his face while speaking of that.

"Jungmin is in Taiwan, so I couldn't let him hear my song then, but no matter when, he's always been showing support to me", "All of us have always been saying this, 'though it's alot tougher doing activities on your own than you can think, don't be beaten by it; brace yourself and let's do it awesomely', and this has given me alot of strength and encouragement", as Kyu Jong added.

2) 김규종은 구체적인 형식과 방법에는 조심스런 입장을 보이면서도, "SS501 멤버들은 현재 개인 활동에 집중하고 있지만 내년께는 뭉칠 수도 있을 것"이라고 말했다.

2) With a concrete format and method in mind, Kim Kyu Jong shows his careful and detailed stand, though so, he didn't forget to add that "SS501 will be able to re-unite next year even though all of us are focusing heavily on our solo activities for now".

Quoted from: TV DAILY
Interview page: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1317075438208802003
Interview date: 26th Sept (Monday)

"제가 그 동안 약하고 소극적인 모습을 보여드렸던 것 같아요. 이번 앨범에는 이제 그런 모습을 탈피(emerge)하고 앞으로 나오자는 뜻이 담겨있어요."

"All these while, it seemed like I've only been showing a weak and pessimistic side of mine. However through this time's album, I will emerge from that kind of old profile of mine and be anew. This album has such a meaning".

"여장을 하면서 고민도 많았어요. 팬들 반응도 걱정됐고요. 그런데 화장을 해보니 '여자분들이 정말 힘들겠구나' 생각했어요. 눈썹이 왜 그렇게 무거워요?"

"When we decided to do female dressing, in actuality I had worried alot. About how fans would react to that. However, as I was doing the make-up in midst, I thought that it must have been a really tough and difficult thing on women... Why are the eyelashes this heavy?"

그 당시에는 라이벌 구도가 뚜렷해서 1등을 하지 못하면 곧 진다는 생각이 있었거든요. 지금은 그런 압박감을 벗어났어요. '즐기면서 하자'는 마음이에요. 1등이요? 하고 싶죠. 그런데 안 해도 돼요" (웃음)

"At that time (when we debuted in 2005), the way of functioning in showbiz between your rivals and you was very stark. If you don't get No.1, you lose - there was such thinking. But now, I've thrown aside that kind of enclosement thoughts. What I feel now, is a 'Do it enjoyingly' mind and heart. No.1? Of course will hope for it. But even if it won't happen it will suffice too (laughs)".

"이번 노래는 한 번에 듣고 '대박 이 노래 좋아' 이런 곡은 아닌 것 같아요. 제가 노래를 듣고 안무를 맞추며 계속 들었는데 안 질려요. 많은 사람들의 귓가에 맴돌았으면 좋겠어요. 안무도 멜빵을 이용해서 춤춰요. 재미있을 거 에요."

"This time's song doesn't seem like the kind of song where you will think 'This song rocks, it's so lovely' upon hearing it only once. I had been listening to this song continuously since I had to dance the MV for it, but I didn't get bored over it. I hope that this song would revolve around many people's ears... I even used suspenders to hold my trousers while I dance... It's interesting".

"쫓기지 말고 재미있게 활동하려고요. 일등이 아니라고 슬퍼하면서 욕심 부리지 않을 거 에요. 나중에 시간 지나서 '아 그 노래 좋았는데'라고 생각해 주신다면 만족해요."

"Not to chase after anything/anyone, but will just carry out my activities happily and enjoyingly. Even if I don't get No.1, I won't get sad over it and thus affect my desire. So long as after some time, people think back of this song and say 'Ah I liked that song you know'... will suffice. I'll be satisfied enough".

"곡 작업에 욕심이 있죠. 아직 제가 노래를 만들어서 음반에 싣기에는 부족한 걸 알아요."

"I do have ambition in song composition. Though I also know I'm still lacking alot if I will have to create a songpiece by myself to qualify into an album"...

"SS501로 첫 데뷔무대를 가졌을 때 많이 속상했어요. 제 파트가 적어서 '내가 팀에 도움이 안 되나'라는 생각이 들었죠.

"When I first held my debut stage as SS501, I was very hurt. Because my part was real little, I had the thinking, 'am I not of enough help to my team?'"...

"일본 팬 분들이 동방신기 유노윤호가 했던 역을 제가 한다고 하니까 저까지 높게 평가해 주셨어요. 제가 후배니까 당연히 고맙고, 기분 좋았죠."

"Because I was taking on a role where DBSK's U-Know Yunho had done before, so Japanese fans gave enough encouragement by giving high ratings. Of course, since I am a junior, I definitely feel grateful and felt great too".

공연 팀끼리 청평에 엠티를 다녀왔어요. 처음에는 제가 팀과 잘 못 어울릴 줄 알았어요. 베테랑 연기자 분도 계시니까 저를 싫어할 수도 있겠다 싶었는데, 그게 아니었어요. 좋은 말씀을 정말 많이 해 주세요. 여긴 너무 따뜻해요."

"Our musical play team had went for a Membership Training trip to Chungpyeong... At first I thought that I definitely won't mix too well with my team members... There were even veteran actors, and they may jolly well dislike me too... but it didn't turn out that way in the end. They in fact gave me alot of good advices. It is really heart-warming...".

"연말에는 한국에서 앨범, 드라마 촬영 등 활동을 계속 할 예정이에요. 또 일본에서 있을 뮤지컬 '궁' 앵콜 공연, 일본 팬미팅, 아시아 투어를 할 생각입니다."

"Year-end plans will include album activities and drama shooting in Korea. In addition, I also have plans to do the Musical Goong Encore in Japan (Tokyo), a fanmeeting in Japan, as well as an Asia Tour".

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