Wednesday, September 14, 2011

영생 :: New musical?

Youngsaeng in a new musical?

He has left an entry on the Atti Basketball Team's daum cafe page.

Only the first 2 important paragraphs, little quote:

So there's actually such an event ne..kk
Joined the cafe..and this my 2nd time coming here..ㅠㅠ
Haven't been able to play basketball these days;; Sorry ;;
As I play like those usual seemed to have strangely turned out with play arising only on Tuesdays somehow......kk

I've gone into rehearsals for my musical which began today..
It's a musical along with Kijoon-hyung and Soonchang-hyung~~
Do come and watch~~ But if you were to come for both Kijoon-hyung's stand and mine.. then you would have to come along for two times ya.. kk

Profile of Member "Heo Young Saeng" who left the entry on the cafe:

Member Level: Atti Player
Cafe Join: 2011/08/09 (TUES)
Last Date of Visit: 2011/09/14 (WED)
Gender/Age: Male/26
Blog: No blog
Yozm: No Yozm

더 자세한 뉴스 기다려해요..

Await for more...

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liezle said...

I am glad to see you posting again. Hope all is well.

Thanks for this translation. I hope he'll tell us more about this musical.