Friday, September 30, 2011

규종 :: schedule on 4th / 16th Oct

October 4th will be busy day with 4 (edited) work schedules to complete.

October 16th will be his first live performance outside the public TV.

originally scheduled "Food Expedition S2" has been moved to 11th Oct (Tues) for recording.


4th Oct (Tues) - [RADIO] Younha's Starry Night

16th Oct (Sun) - Anyang Movie Festival, Pre-open Ceremony (Y-STAR Public event)


Anonymous said...

others got confused and thought it is Kim Hyun Joong's schedule...

ode said...

To Anonymous;
Haha, why so? Are you referring to this post of mine?
But it was labelled '규종', and tagged 'kyu jong'.