Thursday, September 22, 2011

규종 :: 1st Comeback stage ( 28th Sept, Wed ) // Tokyo Musical Goong

Collation of two notices from B2M Entertainment.

His first comeback stage (shown to public, not exactly to be on national TV) will be next week. It will be on Wednesday (28th) for [Inkigayo Special] recording, and will be broadcasted on Sunday (Oct 2nd). Hence, there will be no live performance on Sunday (2nd Oct). Venue will be at Changwon's gymnastic stadium. It is recommended to bring along the official Kim Kyu Jong lightstick for those who could attend.

It is one day after his digital release. Almost equivalent to on the spot; it is great!!!

As news were previously released, there will be a Tokyo stand of Musical Goong too, in December. Rumors had it that Kyujong might still be Lee Shin. Notice by B2M has proven so. He will be joined by Sungmo of group Chosinsung to play Lee Shin. Period is December 16~30. Ticketing will begin from October 14 (Fri) onwards.

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