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규종 :: NEWSEN Interview ( Sept 28, Wed )

더 한 인터뷰가 게재했습니다.

Focuses on his talks on the group, and...his soft-hearted feelings...

Interview by: NEWSEN (뉴스엔)
Date: Sept 28 (Wed)

Kim Kyu Jong has debuted as a solo. While his SS501 members were carrying out their solo activities, Kim Kyu Jong was instead collating his experiences through the broadway stage, and thus, has became the final one in SS501 to hold a solo debut.

He said, "it wasn't intended like that initially", and was referring to it not being his original intention to become the final one to hold a solo debut. "I did not have that thought at all, but somehow I still became the final relayer. To be honest I had thought Youngsaeng-hyung would be the fastest to release an album, so I really didn't expect all the others to release theirs that fast at that speed"..., as he laughed and talked about it.

"The members who released their albums before me began to do really well as they progressed, and burden came to me too. Of course if my album would turn out great will be best, but because my role in the team is to balance the team well with everyone equally-weighted, it will just be enough if people will think that 'Kim Kyu Jong is actually quite a not-bad person(singer)', rather than me becoming a shocking hit with my solo debut...", disclosing his modest yet determined aim.

"As I await for our SS501 album where we shall re-unite anytime, I also want to end this solo debut off well", as Kim Kyu Jong also disclosed that SS501 is not an end for him, but instead is a name with new challenges ahead to attain for. "All of us have the thought to do a SS501 album together. For now, to speak honestly, it is still difficult. All of us have the heart and intention to do so, but right now, it's the period to focus more on our individual work", as he explained.

"To be honest, there were alot of talks about SS501. Alot of talks like how there was only Kim Hyun Joong enough in SS501, etc.. Hyunjoong-hyung, as well as our other members were very hurt"..., "As we do our individual activities, we also build up experiences, and then one day when we re-unite, those experiences we gained will then become a strong strength. In that case then, we won't be over-covering anyone at all, and every one will be equal. With such thoughts in mind, we will hence turn to put in more effort to work harder", as he divulged his inner feelings.

"Though we're all very busy, there is some things I really want to do. The first will be for each of us to release each of our album every year. And then on year-end concerts or big festivals, each of us will sing our own parts, plus also a few verses of our past solo songs combined together; I think it would be so fun", as Kim Kyu Jong seemed to really enjoy planning such plans in his mind.

He continued, "Actually we have always been the same (friendship). Not long ago, I went to Hyung Jun's birthday party, but people were all saying that it was done deliberately to not call me over. I think it's because we're too close that misunderstandings will surface. Even in Youngsaeng-hyung's case, we actually meet up very often, but many people still ask us 'are you two not close?'... This is not something to be vague about, if you are close to someone, must you actually really act close by greeting one another and such?", as he displayed his neverchanging friendship with his members.

In particular, Heo Young Saeng even made a rendering support by doing a rap featuring in one of Kyu Jong's song 'MY LOVE'. Kyu Jong explained, "Because I wanted it to become memories so I specially requested for him to do it, but he fretted and didn't know how to do rap because he thought he couldn't. But in the end it turned out really well. Besides the instrument sound, the rap part had turned out with all but Youngsaeng-hyung's own voice", as he felt so satisfied by saying that.

Kim Kyu Jong who has shown his deep affections for his members and his group has returned with his 1st solo album 'TURN ME ON'. In which his title song 'YESTERDAY' was produced by the hit producer Han Sang-won who had also produced SS501's hit song 'U R MAN'. As the title song progresses toward the end, deeper feelings were expressed. This title song 'YESTERDAY' may be similar to 'U R MAN', but it is also very obvious that it has a different trait to it, and will be sure to appeal towards the music fans in another different manner.

김규종이 솔로로 데뷔한다. SS501 멤버들이 하나씩 솔로 데뷔를 치르는 동안 뮤지컬 무대에서 역량을 쌓아왔던 김규종은 SS501 솔로데뷔 마지막 주자로 나섰다.

김규종은 "의도하지 않았다"고 말했다. 본의 아니게 마지막 주자로 나섰다는 것. 그는 "그럴 마음이 전혀 없었는데 마지막 주자가 됐다. 사실 영생이형이 제일 빨리 낼 줄 알았는데 애들이 그렇게 빨리 낼 줄 몰랐다"며 웃었다.

이어 "앞서 앨범을 낸 멤버들이 갈수록 잘 돼 부담감이 있다. 내 음반이 잘 되면 좋겠지만 내 역할은 우리 팀 이미지에 누가 되지 않게 잘 매듭짓는 것 같다. 대박 욕심보다는 '김규종이란 사람 괜찮은 것 같다'는 이미지로 마무리했으면 좋겠다"고 소박하지만 다부진 목표를 밝혔다.

"언젠가 다시 뭉쳐서 나올 SS501 음반을 기다리면서 마무리를 잘 하고 싶다"고 말한 김규종에게 SS501은 끝이 아니라 새로운 도약의 이름이었다. "다들 SS501 앨범을 하겠다는 생각이 있다. 지금은 현실적으로 힘든 부분이 있긴하다. 다들 마음은 있는데 일단 지금 각자 하는거에 집중하는 시기인 것 같다"고 설명했다.

김규종은 "사실 SS501이 그런 말이 많았다. 김현중 밖에 없다는 말을 많이 들었고 현중이 형도, 다른 멤버들도 속상해 했었다"고 솔직히 털어놓으며 "각자 활동에서 조금 더 열심해 해서 개개인의 역량을 쌓아놓고 뭉치면 큰 힘이 될 것 같다. 그럼 누구도 범접하지 못하겠다는 생각이 들어서 더 열심히 하게된다"고 깊은 속 이야기를 꺼냈다.

"바빠서 힘들 수도 있지만 정말 해보고 싶었던게 있다. 한해에 멤버들이 모두 앨범을 낸게 처음이다. 연말 공연이나 큰 축제에서 한명씩 자기만의 파트를 부르고 그동안했던 노래들을 조금씩 합쳐서 부르면 재미있을 것 같다"고 머릿속 계획을 밝히는 김규종은 정말 즐거워보였다.

그는 "우리는 정말 늘 똑같다. 얼마 전에 형준이 생일 파티에 갔는데 사람들이 억지로 부른거 아니냐고 하더라. 너무 친해서 오해를 받는 것 같다. 영생이형이랑도 자주 보는데 다들 '안친하지?'라고 묻는다. 서먹한게 아니라 친한 사람한테는 굳이 인사하거나 친한척 안하지 않냐"고 멤버들과의 변함없는 우정을 표현했다.

특히 허영생은 이번 앨범 수록곡 'My Love'에서 랩피처링으로 지원사격에 나섰다. 김규종은 "추억이 될 것 같아서 부탁했는데 자기가 랩을 어떻게 하냐고 했다. 그런데 정말 잘하더라. 기계음이 나오는데 영생이형이 다 직접 만들어낸 소리다"고 만족감을 드러냈다.

멤버들과 그룹에 대한 애정을 듬뿍 표현한 김규종의 이번 솔로 앨범 'TURN ME ON'의 타이틀곡 'Yesterday'는 SS501 히트곡 'U R MAN' 작곡가 한상원의 작품이다. 후반으로 갈수록 깊은 감성으로 몰아치는 독특한 구성의 'Yesterday'는 'U R MAN'와 비슷하면서도 확연히 다른 색으로 음악팬들에게 어필할 것으로 보인다.

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