Friday, June 04, 2010

[기사] 0604 COMEBACK STAGE @ MusicBank

jya.. how was it?? ^_____^

Wonderfully done much? Heartattack done much? ^.^
White princes and black devils much much? ^.^

from: naver korea // sports etn

Quintet group SS501 finished their comeback stage in success. SS501 had their 1st comeback stage
through KBS2 TV's Music Bank with 'Love Ya' and 'Let Me Be The One', and without doubt,
they had completed this comeback stage in a success.
In their title track 'Love Ya' which was released previously, all 5 of them transformed into chic men
in black outfits and diffused their totally sexy charm throughout the air.
Especially KimHyunJoong's
garma hairstyle (total side parting) which attracted about much attention.
Right after that was 'Let me be the one' where they had displayed a very soothing melody ballad
showing off their music traits and vocal skills.
On this day, they had also transformed into white princes while humming to 'Let me be the one' 's
beautiful melody, showing a few slick movements moving along to the song.