Monday, June 28, 2010

[기사] arrival in TW

backdoor: crazy501

SS501's Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun arrived in Taiwan on June 25. Although not all members could be congregated,
there were still 500 plus fans who waited at the arrival hall for them, seems like their popularity did not decrease due to the missing of 3 members.
Fans even specially prepared all kinds of gifts for their idols.

Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun came to Taipei this time to be the award presenter for Golden Melody Awards.
Fans waiting at the arrival hall were too anxious that the moment both of them arrived, hundreds of fans went up to surround them tightly. Three bodyguards and the staff of record company had to stand in front to lead the way, only then could the both of them walk through to leave. Many fans presented gifts, some even took out cameras, while some even followed full-way and video-cammed the process.
Park Jungmin was waving very happily to fans in expressing gratitude, and accepted bouquets of flowers presented to him readily,
and interacted with fans initiatively, "Hello I'm Jungmin, Park Jungmin, we're SS501. Fighting Fighting".

Because of SS501's already-expired contract, it was after much discussions did Jungmin and Hyungjun confirm to appear for the Golden Melody Awards. Fans who are dubbed as "Green pea princesses" wouldn't want them to disband at all (at any time any moment any second any minute any hour any day), and so they held on to green balloons and golden balloons to welcome their arrival, hand holding placards writing "Celebrating SS501's 5th debut anniversary".

Some crazy fans at the venue even followed them all the way from arrival hall until they board their van/car, there were even some
fans who forged the identity as a TVBS media journalist, having the intention to get close to their idols, but alas, their tricks were unveiled by the staff crew there.