Monday, June 21, 2010

JM, the language 쨍이! ^^ I think many will want to know this, I will translate then. ^-^
Watch your mouth don't curl up like an Otter's O
The original article is far too long, so didn't translate.
Just picked out celebrities from it, that'd be more....eye-catching to most people? = =

He is currently enrolled in this university.

from: (2nd last para)
backdoor: ur 6th member

Movie actor Kwon Oh-joong has just recently graduated from the Seoul Cyber University and won his certificate/license/allowance (whatever you call it) of social volunteer worker.
Whilst in Sejong Cyber University, we have programer SK Telecom's T1-team player Kim Taec-yong (Stream of 3D Gaming Animation),

Singer Park JungMin (Group SS501; Stream of Practical Daily English Language), as well as talent Kang SungMin (Stream of Practical Daily English Language), these 3 are currently in midst of schooling.