Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[스캔] Hanryu Wave 2005 November

Scanned these quite some time ago, now I'm going to translate this for those who might not have seen b4. ^_^

Hanryu Wave 2005 November

In order to perfect their upcoming new album, Korea idol group SS501 decided to delay the release date of their new album by 2 weeks.
SS501's agency company DSP has expressed on their official site, "SS501 will be carrying out promotional activities 2 weeks later than originally scheduled date. They will be meeting fans through November 9's MNET music programme right there".
A related personnel of DSP has added on that they discover there are still imperfections to some of the song tracks, that's why they decided to edit it last minute, thus the release date of album has to be postponed by 2 weeks. The reason for them to do so is to produce more amazing music for fans, and they do hope that fans would understand, "We are really sorry to fans for not able to keep to this promise".

The title dance hit for SS501's new album is a representative of "Freedom", not only that, but the outfit and cheoreography for SS501 members will also be more musculine than before.

Leader's fansigning event

In order to congratulate Japan cosmetic brand Tony&Moly's chain opening in Korea, it had invited SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong to hold a fansigning session in Busan.
On November 15, Tony&Moly opened its first chain outlet in Busan Korea, and so Kim Hyun Joong had attended to this personal fansigning event with the status as Tony&Moly's ambassador.
In September, Kim Hyun Joong carried out his CF shooting in a particular studio in Seoul, and this CF will be aired throughout Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and (of course) Korea beginning since November 10.
A personnel from Kim HyunJoong's agency company DSP has revealed,
"The image of Tony&Moly which has recently set its first foot in Japan fits Kim HyunJoong's natural and pure image very aptly, and since SS501's official 1st album would be released mid-November where they'd then carry out promo activities,
we hope that this in turn could add on more impact to Tony&Moly's sales".

Tending hot brewing coffee to fans

SS501's Kim KyuJong and Park JungMin tended coffee to Young Street's customers as a gift of appreciation.

SS501's Kim KyuJong and Park JungMin began the open-broadcast's recording work for SBS Power FM "SS501's Young Street" since 23rd evening 7PM onwards at Seoul's Bangi-dong Olympic Park, and tended warm brewing coffee to 300 fans present at the venue. Park JungMin and Kim KyuJong implored the help of their manager to purchase 300 cups of warm brewing coffee from the nearby supermart, after which both of them personally went to the bottom of the stage to present these cups of coffee to fans and sending greetings.

Kim KyuJong and Park JungMin said, "Venue for on-air recording work changed from the City Mall to here, the Olympic Park, somemore, with the fact that weather is so cold today, we were actually worrying that noone would come, but after seeing so many people here today, we're really very happy. No matter how cold the weather is, audiences and fans are guarding by us, and we really want to express our sincerity towards them very much, thus we're presenting coffee to them".

Related news

Before releasing their new album, Japan cosmetic brand took liking to Kim HyunJoong's good complexion, and so recruited him as their brand's ambassador, however on this day's CF shooting, it felt like he was so unnatural, and what was better, he didn't know where to place his hands.

HJ: Director told me to just go and get an experience, initially it was unnatural, but now I'm getting used to it.

Media: Your eyes were shut very tightly.

HJ: The camera clicks very quickly, this wasn't the expression of what was required, I was just trying my best to let my expression look more natural.

Media: You should be bringing back a few gifts for members ne?

HJ: Of course, besides members, there are also our company staff, manager and assistants, stylists, bosses (CEO), will present a little something of appreciation to everyone.

Media: A little something of appreciation? A car for everyone? Such a gift should be a rather good choice.

HJ: Ya' referring to toy cars? (laughs)

Media: The Kim HyunJoong on-screen indeed possesses the pluses of youth, condition of complexion is very good.

HJ: I will go to Hangang to do some slow jogging, or ride onto my bike to go fishing, there was once I went Hangang for slow jogging, and still got recognized,
and so I pressed my cap lower, as low as where my nose is, and then continue jogging slowly, I looked like those fighting boxers, only when noone is present then I will take my cap off, when there are people around, I will place it on again.

Media: Your previous concert in Japan achieved rather pleasant results, and this also made SS501 who will be releasing their new album very happy, and so they hope for more support from everyone.

HJ: Because I'm the leader, so our Japanese fans call me "Suego" (최고, Choigo, Best), whenever I hear this, we will say thank you. Our SS501 album is already in its final stage of continuous rehearsals, in order to present about a more fantastic performance, it was been delayed by a little, there will be many Live performance items, SS501 will continue to work hard.