Saturday, June 19, 2010

[영상] MYX Live @ 100619

MYX Live @ 10.06.19

Another TV programme on there. A normal star doesn't get that..... ^-^

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Longer version.

Translations between 2:50 onwards about the 5th album thing.
The translations there are not truly accurate in some areas...
Especially the billion-dollar one: Solo Career
That's so wrong!!!
Solo career Solo Activities!
It's different ne.......

He actually said, Love ya promo activities have now ended, and not 'about to end',
also, he said that all members will be concentrated on
each's solo career -- dramas / movies (example) for now
(seems like that's what he meant for these following months)
Not that they will be going each's own way alr.
He ask that all of you look forward to it as they will talk more about it soon.
So don't worry. If it was, it would have caused a huge hooha by now!!!
^ ^ ;;