Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mission Possible!

Here is something meaningful for you to read and know of about.

You could refer to http://twitpic.com/1ys3eh for more information.

I will just type out again.


Dear TripleS friends,

We'd like to make a project called "501origami supports from 501 TripleS" to show our support for SS501 oppadeul. As we know, SS501 contract has ended and no one knows what will be the future for our SS501.

We would like to support by making heart origami and inside, we will put supportive and strengthening message from TripleS for SS501.
You can help and participate by sending your message, with these requirements:

1. The message has to be 1 sentence containing at least 10 words and no more than 20 words!

2. One person can only send in 1 message!

3. It has to be written in Korean, English, or Japanese!

4. Send the message through email to danikafanss@yahoo.com
Don't forget to put your name and where are you from.

We're only going to take the first 501 message that comes into our emails.

The idea of this project came up suddenly and we are trying hard so this project can be received by SS501 before DSP's announcement comes out (ie. July 8, 2010).
Why it has to be before that time? well, because we think, this moment SS501 really needs our support (remember they often said, "believe in SS501" recently?)
This project is going to be sent to SS501 through Royal Avenue shop.
We can't promise to tell you, whether SS501 will receive our project or not, because this project really started suddenly and it's like Mission Impossible.
However, we really believe that TripleS family can help.
We will accept any suggestions or anything that can help us to achieve this mission.

So what are you waiting for?
Did you think such support won't help much? Of course it will by a great deal!
If you are the one going through this, such moves could move you to tears...

Any queries or suggestions please ask at:

It will be Mission Possible.

Nothing is late, better late than never.