Monday, June 21, 2010

[기사] Newton Xconcert Fanmeeting

Whenever recalled, it just breaks the heart to see them going through so much.....

Translates because of some points.

This episode airs tonight. So who can watch, remember to!

from: newsen news

TvN's new music programme 'Newton' 's corner 'X-Concert' had its 2nd guest SS501 to hold a mini-concert on the previous 13th June at Yongdeungpo's Time Square, along with 501 fans. It was initially decided as a video appreciation showing SS501's activities all these while to 501 fans, right after the 20 minutes long of video coverage ended, SS501 who was the special present decided for this event appeared on stage which totally surprised all 501 fans present. As soon as they appeared, they earned the claps and eager responses from all fans present because it was just too unexpected. After their appearance, the event began with 'Everything' and lasted throughout with 8 songs sung across the times spent with fans.
During the event, SS501 who couldn't control much of their emotions kept having their tears flowing ceaselessly, "Recently there are many pressurizing matters in the group... Despite so, for the fact that fans still show so much passionate love to us, we feel really very thankful. Because we were focused on overseas activities, we weren't able to spend alot of time in Korea, we truly always felt sorry about that...", which could probably explain the reason why they were so emotional on the day where SS501 and fans spent such precious moments together with the tears flowed...

After the 2-hour concert ended, SS501 expressed that they were very thankful to have held precious moments with fans through 'Newton', those moments were really heart-warming, and never will they forget in this lifetime....

This episode will be shown on 21st June at 7PM through tvN's 'Newton' music programme.