Thursday, June 24, 2010

[기사] no.10 for 1st half yr discography sales

Thought of translating since it's something worthwhile. They're the latest to release album and yet they managed to squeeze into Top 10!!!
Not even some other hot hot idol groups.

from: nate daily news

Girl idol groups and male idol groups totally rocked the first half of this year. Amongst all the digital single and or discographies released in the first half of this year, the Top 10 of Best Sales recorded on its system are made up on albums released from girl and male idol groups. To the extend that world star Rain would be attained a No.6 position, it shows the fierce rivalry there is existing. According to Hanteo charts on the 24th June, the following records were tracked.

Number 1 position goes to Super Junior's 4th album with title hit 'Miin-ah' (Bonamana) with a total sales of 119,167 records sold as dated 22nd June.

Number 2 position goes to Super Junior's same agency company SM Entertainment's SNSD with their 1st official album 'Oh!' that holds with its same-name title hit 'Oh!'. As of date 22nd June, a total of 117,633 records had been sold.

Number 3 position goes to SNSD's Official 2nd repackaged album with 48,827 records sold.

Number 4 position goes to Super Junior's 4th repackaged album with a total of 45,733 records sold.

Number 5 position goes to 2AM's mini-album 'Can't let you go even if I die' with 34,474 records sold.

Number 6 position goes to Rain's special album 'Back to the basic' with 33,764 records sold.

Number 7 position goes to 6-members idol group 2PM's mini-album 'Don't stop Can't stop' with 29,381 records sold.

Number 8 position goes to newbie 6-member group Beast's mini-album 'Shock of the era' with 24,236 records sold.

Number 9 position goes to 4-member girl idol group KARA's 3rd mini-album 'Lupin' with 23,276 records sold.

Number 10 position goes to quintet boy idol group SS501's mini-album 'Destination' (norm.ed) with 19,790 records sold.

From this we could see that these idol groups not just invaded the television screens and online portals, they also equally took storm of the physical discography sales.