Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[기사] 0626 GMA update

indeed, 4 more days to the important event of taiwan but still no official release coming from the horse mouth
maybe really like this article, only Jungmin and Hyungjoon would be there to walk red carpet and present award...
there have been many speculations about why Kyujong and Youngsaeng wont be going,
some may have heard but..hmmm you could leave it up to your imagination^^!
but! wow, very handsome two guys walking down the carpet? ^^

From: tengxun china + BDbar

4 more days to the Golden Melody Awards, yet the originally planned guest SS501 members are still on an unconfirmed status.
Taiwan Warners Records has expressed, their agency hasn't had given a reply as to whether or not the other members would come to Taiwan for the award ceremony as per scheduled, they fear that only 2 members from the group Park Jungmin and Kim HyungJun would be present on the day to walk the red carpet and to present an award.

Because of SS501's contract problem, the plans for Kim HyunJoong and gang to come to Taiwan for this ceremony has had underwent some changes, idol groups like Big Bang, Super Junior etc have other schedules on hand like Japan tour and preparations for new albums and would be totally busy, which was the reason why they are not able to be in Taiwan on the day for this ceremony.
Star light for this year's ceremony is rather dim, which gave fans the idea to suggest for putting across invitations to Korea's female idol groups such as Wonder Girls, SNSD or even Japan's dance group Perfume etc, and not just towards male idol groups.

-rest omitted, not related-

no point keep speculating or hearing rumours......