Thursday, June 24, 2010

the place where HJ hibernated at~~ ^^

It was expected that HyunJoong would be returning only yesterday, or should I say today because it was this morning? Well anything you may wish since before going to sleep, it's still feels on the same day for most people...
Were you curious where HyunJoong went to during his vacation in Cebu? That beautiful island? ^o^
With courtesy from liezle-ssi's bloggy where sarangkhj-ssi shared her talktalk-stalkstalk, oops I mean, admire-admire in Cebu.

Direct link as follow::: (thanks to all parties!)

The place he stayed in is very beautiful~~ Ahh I really totally love resorts

I am going to peom one photo, taken by sarangkhj-ssi @