Monday, June 28, 2010

[기사] If JM wants to act in TW dramas?

[06.28] "If Jungmin wants to act in Taiwan dramas, he has to first overcome his language barrier"

South Korean boyband SS501's Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun came to Taiwan as prize presenters, but on a personal level,
they did not forget about the World cup too, right after presenting the first award, they hogged their television in hotel watching the South Korea match VS Uruguay match, but in the end, the South Korea match failed to win through, to which both of them couldn't help but feel slightly upset. This year's Golden Melody Awards is the first time for JungMin and HyungJun, they find it curious about Taiwan's ecological diversity, after HyungJun knew that A-Mei (taiwanese female singer) achieved the Best Mandarin Female Singer, he jokingly expressed his wish of congratulating her face to face.
(you really loveeee famous singers, just kidding. I know you're a kind baby)

Whilst on the other hand, yesterday afternoon, it was seen that only HyungJun returned to Korea solely on his own, and JungMin extended his stay. Previously it was rumoured that he would be invading the Chinese markets on his own, probably he would take this chance in Taiwan to discuss further about more chances of cooperation, he whom secretly made a trip down to Taiwan some months ago, actually went to the night club last saturday (26 Jun) with staff members to have fun which lasted until around 3AM right after finishing the world cup match on the same day itself.

So do you think Jungmin met up with Angie chai producer?

That night after the award presentation, both HyungJun and Jungmin went to Korea's restaurant named "MuJin restaurant" to have dinner, after that they returned speedily to hotel room in order to catch the World cup match, who knows South Korea lost the ball, where both of them exclaimed, "Ahh it's alright, it's been an honour, 4 years later we'll try again"; on the other hand Kim HyungJun congratulates A-Mei for her 6 awards achieved, "Though she doesn't know me, but please help me to convey this message, congratulations for achieving your award!". After hearing Destination selling a total of 12,000 in its first batch, he then left Taiwan satisfyingly.
Whilst Park Jungmin was full of strength. On 26th night after finishing world cup match, he then went to Primo nightclub to have fun, and yesterday, he was out with friends to have meals. With regards to rumours to PJM's participation in Taiwanese idol dramas, producer Angie Chai who took on an interview with China daily TV clarified that "There are no plans currently for that. He doesn't know how to speak Chinese, and I dont know how to speak Korean, previously we ate together was because we had a common friend."

It was said that on 26th night where JM went to Primo nightclub to have fun, he had a lot of fun there, he even stepped out of the club to take a peek at fans at times, and even shook hands with fans, and alas too, some fans managed to shake Jungmin's hands too.

in short,
26th: media interview in hotel => red carpet => award => eat at MuJin rest. => go back hotel
to watch Soccer => Jm goes out, HgJ stays in => JM goes to play at Primo => head back hotel to rest

from: china daily news
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