Saturday, June 19, 2010

HJ is so mushy... aww

Thanks to UFO oops, UFO driver^^, the UFO that fly fly fly fly fly every where ^o^

Credit: + Baidu KHJ + (English translation) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
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Hyun Joong Leader gave a call to Ding Hai Ming,
AST1 member who acted together with him in BOF during the dumpling festival (Jun 16, 2010).
He was very touched and posted it in his microblog
(weibo, mandarin version of Twitter).


Today 14:20 A phone call, a greeting, a word miss you..... I am touched and cried. Hyun Joong Hyung, please don't be so mushy next time. Ok. ~!

Today 17:23 Wow! Microblog is so incredible, I just post it in the afternoon. Now even Korea also know about it..... o.o# Causing some people to envy jealous hate and called to say me. So with this I would like to sincerely say to Hyun Joong hyung who has called me during the Dumpling Festival, Eli, Tae hyung, Gukju Noona,Gyeong Jin noona, and most 5 beloved members, I also missed you very much. See you on July.. (Eli now this is enough right? Hahahaha!)

Today 17:25 Oh yes! Also to my little junior sisters, Thank you! Wish you have great popularity!