Tuesday, June 01, 2010

0604 Twittering for M.B's C.B Stage ~~ 참석해쥬세요

**Edit -- June 1**
~~The date has been finalized to be on #LoveYaSS501
@ June 4th @ 9-11pm
KST (gmt +9)~~
Please get ready your butt.

Again... These are my first words that I wish to begin with if you haven't heard enough^o^
It's twitter time again.......!! Ahh did you just went "Ahhhhhh"?

I know I know, it's been a long day for you and for me,
besides knowing you would wish to just down to sleep for a good 36hours
without eating anything, without showering, without opening of eyes,
just drinking a little, and living a harry potter in his underground cell life (..^^_),
I would just cut straight down to the chase and quit talking so much.

Today is June 1. and as all TripleS should know by now,
June 4 would be their comeback stage in 7 months (ever since REBIRTH) for DESTINATION
through Music Bank -- their 1st comeback stage.
What could you do on this rather special day despite having the awareness to await
fancams/fanpix/broadcast of this C.B stage?
Tell me tell me, think think don't daydream in hyunland or kyuland..^^
One of the things you could do, meaningfully and significantly, would be to pass the love
around in Twitter (the increasingly globally recognized macrobased-communication platform),
don't you think?
If you still don't agree, slap your stomach thrice^^;
If you still haven't knew the importance of Twitter, like I've said,
I ain't gonna put you across as pumpkin; you're human.

But please, for the sake of increasing awareness, as I've had said,
Twitter is becoming increasingly recognized around the world and is more and more welcomed
by the day from people whom we didn't know could possibly sign up with twitter
What's the point of Twitter then? To communicate and link with
FANS/Beloved Idol/family/acquaintances/old friends/colleagues/lovers etc..
You see the importance of Twitter?
So don't ever belittle the importance of Twitter.
Because you never know how Twitter affects your life in a way or another^_^

Upcoming June 4, we need your participation in the twitter world.
However before that could be executed, a vote from the very kind-hearted you
would be needed.. ^^
Voting to end ~June 1
Of course, its your choice to vote, or not.
But we hope you could participate in the twittering on the respective
important dates.
The reasons? I already mentioned 4 times...^^

Kindly sign up / sign in with your already-existing / soon-to-exist Twitter Account
to cast your vote, and then get your butts on fire on June 4
for this 0604-Comeback-Stage-Twitter-Twittering.

Without further ado, I'll drop you the link to the bomb here
and the rest is really pretty just much self-explanatory

Twitter homepage: http://twitter.com
Twittering outline for 0604 C.B stage: http://twitpic.com/1sgcpw (@violettacal)

Please don't think it's just a one-time-thing only.
On 0606 and 0608 -- One of our big days of the year,
and of course subconsequently, we'll have alot more to do.

Stay tuned to http://twitter.com/violettacal for more upcoming project details.

Thank you and may you have a nice June beginning June 1.
JUNE - The big month

~~**Twitter rots**~~