Sunday, June 13, 2010

[영상] 0612 music core -- MC cut

0612 Music core -- MC cut

by: ss601+hkelsa106님@yt

more cuts to come, this one is from beginning, start of it

it feels so wonderful to hear him talk so much in a long while.....^ooo^

*updated with other versions*

from: ss601+wwlovess501@youtube

by: shirbogurl4@yt + leenongkan1@yt

MC Cut -- 5.25 version {HD}
by: cut out by shirbogurl4@yt

MC Cut -- 5.25 version {chi}
by: crazy501 (chi subs) + hkelsa105@yt

MC Cut (2) -- 8.55 version
from: miclub hj + wwlovess501@yt