Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[직캠] 0613 newton fanmeeting -- VTR Speech (ㅇㅇ)

0613 Newton Fanmeeting -- VTR Speech -- translate

(In the pre-recorded VTR, Speech of theirs)

from: hsscandal.com

Beginning from 00:56,
날 웃게 하는 것도
날 울게 하는 것도
바로 너야 늘 내 곁에 있어
5년동안 함께 해준 소중한 완.두.콩.들에게
When I laugh,
When I cry,
It's you, the one who stays by my side all the time
To our precious Wan.Du.Kong who has stayed by us for these 5 years...

Hyung Joon:
Throughout these 5 years, of course there were many of them walking in unison with us
Though there are of course fans, I begin to think about things like what if it reduces…
Because no matter what, people will age, and because of that,
it’s not possible for them to be always following you everywhere no matter where it may be
and supporting you everywhere no matter when it may be, yeah that’s why.
I think about the importance of support and,
(referring to amount of fans) naturally of course I wouldn't want it to decrease by even that little bit,

but now, it's begun to feel that way a little? There’re times when it feels saddening…
yeah a little….. (scream in background: no nono!)

To be honest, because the words we always say are only “Thank you”,
besides that word there’s nothing else that we use to express across with,
and we feel sorry about that…
Even though we have the one and only word like Thank You to express with all the time,
and nothing else, thank you for your understanding, thank you for your care and love,
thanks, thank you, all these words are only what we could say,
I feel so sorry really.. All the time..

Young Saeng:
It seems like the thing we feel sorry about is the album…
To our fans, it isn’t about whether the song is nice or not, whether it’s
like that or not, no it isn’t about that
First of all, we couldn’t stick to our promise about the album,
though our fans already know, it’s actually about our official 2nd album,
we don’t have it, we only have the official 1st album…
Well I don’t know? because of that fact…made…to that extend…
it just feels sorry enough… That’s why we really want to express
this gratitude…

Jung Min:
Whenever it may be, just think of SS501 as who they are
Just those people who are imperfect but is always working hard?
Fans who cheer on a lot for our friends, our members
They think about what they should give to us,
and so we also think about what we should give back to them, yeah that’s why
No matter how I see it, it feels like the relationship occurring between
first-loves, first crushes, like that of a lover, isn’t it… ^o^
(He smiles, background screams and cheers^^)
Should each of us really go through this undertaking?

Kyu Jong:
These 5 years are quite something… No matter how I view it,
it’s like a long time, but then again, it doesn’t seem so long…

In future there’ll be so much more time we’ll have together
The times that we’ll be weaving together…

Though our fans are very supportive of us now,

soon all will get married, and then it won’t be forever…

Soon it will decrease bit by bit…

For the sake of our supporters, we’ll continue to sing and sing...

Hyun Joong:
Our activities this time round is even more short-lived
than those Love Like This times and I feel very sorry of it but…
The really brand-new music will be..produced..the music that brings confidence within itself will be..
umm hmm what..
Aowo Why in the world did my tears fall so strangely suddenly? ㅠㅠ

(Wipes tears)