Thursday, June 10, 2010

[기사] 1st for best lips you want to kiss

from: naver

SS501 Kim HyunJoong got the Number 1 position for the best lips calling for a kiss. Through professional music site
Monkey3 which carried out a survey between 4th to 9th June in view of June 14's Kiss Day
in Korea that's targeting towards its 881 members, HyunJoong got the

Number 1 position with a total of 474 votes (54%). Supporters who voted for him has commented, "His lips are so sexy
like a red cherry calling for a kiss to be planted on it". Right up next in 2nd position is 2PM's Nickhun with 164 votes at 16%,
3rd is 'Bad Man' 's Kim NamGil with 76 votes at 9%, 4th was Lee HyoRi with 71 votes at 8%, 5th was GaIn of Brown Eyed
Girls with 57 votes at 6%, and 6th was Lee MinKi with 39 votes at 4%.

백말보다 더힘이얻었었어요~~~~~~~~~~~~~