Friday, June 04, 2010

[기사] 2 charms, 5 men


from: newsen

SS501 comeback, ballad-dance displays 2-colored charms, exhibits 'danger of hanryu star'

SS501 has returned.

SS501 performed to 2 of their songs 'Let me be the one' and 'Love Ya' at Yeoui-do, KBS Shinkwan Open Hall in Seoul on
the afternoon of June 4.

'Love Ya' is a mind-impressing dance song coordinating the harmonized melody of instruments. With the black charisma
overflowing onstage, it was a stage filled with much intensity. While R&B track 'Let me be the one' was instead in contrast
with white outfits worn and singing soothingly with a soft side, thus showing a stark contrast altogether.

On this day at KBS Shinkwan Open Hall, in order to see SS501, fans from Japan had also arrived there.
Japanese fans waited for long in front of the hall and even gave bouquets to congratulate etc.

On the other hand on this day's Music Bank, Tmax also had their comeback with 'Don't be rude',
while Sistar also had their first debut stage with 'Here We Come' and 'Push Push'.