Saturday, June 12, 2010

[상품] 5M5Y Deluxe edition DVD {japan edition}

5M5Y DVD's Deluxe edition...

very wow, ne? so the morale of story... In future, don't hurry/panic with anything..
Always think thrice, or even 10 times!

from: 고마워요 엘리님.

Price: 8,800 yen
Release date: 2010 August 4
Subtitles: Japanese only
Audio: Korean
What: 4 discs + 112 page photobooklet (more than the original korean edition by 12 pages)
+ luxurious box cover/design

Amongst the 4 discs, one of them which is 60 minutes long that was shot in Kota Kinabalu
will be inclusive.

**DISC 1**
-SS501 Documentary
-SS501 Variety Programmes

**DISC 2**
-SS501 Performances (Live + Big hits)

**DISC 3**
--SS501 trip in Thailand (May 2008 fanmeet) for 5D4N, Exclusive footage, Fanmeeting Live Sketch,
Members' Interview, Fan camera, Accomodation Footage

**DISC 4**
Kota Kinabalu - 60mins exclusive