Saturday, June 05, 2010

[기사] cartier HJ poses

nate news

first thing first.. the birthday boy looks so ___ ^^
second thing second.. yejin uni is very pretty ^^

On the previous June 3rd at Cartier Korea's boutique shop along with 11 stars who attended to 'LOVE Exhibition' 's opening
event included idol group SS501's Kim HyunJoong, DBSG's YunHo, actress Son YeJin, Ji Jinhee, etc stars who shined
in their spot. These stars stood before their exhibited pictorials and posed with the prideful beautiful smile which added on
to the warmth of this love-conveying exhibition.
This charity exhibition of Cartier has their stars posing with Cartier's representative item , the Love Summer Bracelet
and thus displaying the stars' natural existence through so.
This exhibition will be from June 4 to June 13, with a total of 11 stars involved like Rain, Ji Jinhee, Kim HyunJoong,
Yunho, Kim HeeSun, Son YeJin, YoonA, Yoon EunHye, Kang JiHwan, Ha JiWon, Lee MinHo.